The mix-matched bridesmaid trend shows no signs of slowing down, and we don’t want it to. It makes for gorgeous photos and it gives your girls a chance to have a say in what they are going to wear – every bridesmaid’s dream!

So, how do you pull off this mix-matched style like one of the dreamy photos on Pinterest? Start with your vision and then coordinate with your girls. Here are some tips to do just that.

Pick your look

First, pick your colors.  Do you want all your girls in the same color but different style, or envision them in shades of blue or shades of tan? Prefer a mix of neutrals like blush, grey and beige, or want something bolder like an array of jewel tones? Color will be the most unifying or contrasting element of this look, so give it some thought and decide how each option works with your wedding vision.

Once you land on your color palette, move to your style to keep things balanced. Look at inspiration pics and decide if you like soft flowing fabrics, embellishments, or modern silhouettes. Then find a balance with your colors. If you have your girls in the same shade, add depth with a mix of beading or even muted floral prints. If you’re going bold with color, consider simpler silhouettes or matching fabrics.

Coordinate with your bridesmaids

After you’ve landed on the perfect style vision for your girls, it’s time to coordinate with them! This is where your vision becomes reality, so try to keep it simple, and always make it fun.

If you like the look of mix-matched but the thought of everyone showing up wearing dresses that don’t match terrifies you, then go simple and play stylist for your girls. Create a Pinterest board and pin as many dresses as you can find that fit your vision (and are available in your girls’ sizes at appropriate price points), and let everyone shop from your board. This makes it easy for your girls to shop, and ensures that you love every single dress they pick.

If you’re somewhere in the middle of wanting to give your girls a little shopping freedom, and wanting to pick everything out yourself, host an online shopping night! Invite your girls over for a night complete with bevvies, snacks, and laptops for online shopping. Create a vision board to serve as your fashion night decor, and let everyone hit the internet to find the perfect dress.

If having everyone together in one room isn’t possible, get creative with some happy shipments to your girls to share your vision. Send each of your girls a little mini bubbly and fabric swatches to shop on their own. If you’re doing multiple colors, send each of your girls a different swatch to make sure you get variety.

No matter what colors or style you choose, or how you coordinate with your bridesmaids, remember that they all just want to look great so your day will be perfect. The mix-matched trend makes for pretty photos, but don’t forget the day will be made perfect by all the girls you’ve chosen to be a part of the day, not just the dresses they are wearing 🙂

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