Meet Kimberly, our November Bride of the Month! She and her fiance, Brad, are getting married in Williamson, Georgia in May 2017! 


How did he propose? Brad and I have been together for four and a half years. During this time, there is one thing that we have learned–neither of us can keep a secret! We talked about getting married and we picked out the ring, so I knew it was coming. I just didn’t know exactly when. He was leaving for training in a few months, and I assumed it would be after he returned. We went on our annual Memorial Day getaway to Port St. Joe, Florida–our favorite vacation spot!

Our first night there, Brad was very concerned about the sunset. He even went so far as to look up the exact sunset time! (He NEVER plans anything). We were driving on the beach around sunset, and it was gorgeous. We went through the state park entrance and parked on the beach. Unfortunately, we had to leave early because the park closed at sunset due to turtle mating season. Brad was devastated, but we ended up going to the bay park and walking out to the boardwalk. We started taking some photos and Brad said, “Why don’t you take a picture of this?” I looked over and he was down on one knee with the ring. He was shaking and tearing up; I thought for sure he was going to drop the ring through the gaps in the walkway! But luckily he didn’t and I said yes! It was absolutely beautiful. The best sunset ever! 


What has been the most difficult and most fun part of the wedding planning process? 

Family conflicts have been hard to deal with, but I believe the most difficult part has been the guest list! Trying to nail down family lists, deciding which family friends to invite and which friends we would like to include, etc. Our goal was to invite 150 guests. I gave up at 175! 

As for the most fun, I’m so excited to finally be the one making the decisions! (I’m an event coordinator so I’m used to doing what each client would like). But the best part is the time we get to spend together planning. Brad is out of state training for an airline, so when he is home it’s nice to have quality time together to plan the wedding. He is just as excited about everything as I am! I love that he wants to be involved and part of the planning process. Since he is a pilot and I work at a restaurant/museum at an airport, our theme is Fly Away With Us! We are getting married at a restaurant/vintage cars and planes museum and grass runway. It’s actually where we met! 

Congratulations Kimberly and Brad! We can’t wait to see the wedding photos!