Today we’re talking about everyone’s favorite part of weddings: the cake. We spoke with Amanda Karmazin of Gigi’s Cupcakes at the Forum about the latest wedding cake trends. 

What’s one of your favorite cake design trends of the moment? I love the Fondant Rosette Ruffles that are trending, they add great texture to a cake and can work for both rustic and glamorous styles. We have also had a lot of request for Sequin Cake layers, We created a cake in January that had both of these on it and since it was during the ice storm we used snowflake sprinkles as the sequins! 

Which cake trends do you think we’ll see more of this fall? I think we’ll continue to see buttercream cakes with rustic textures and fresh florals. The wooden stumps as cake stands are on-season for fall, and gold accents will stay, too. Flavor wise, I always suggest our Pumpkin White Chocolate flavor. It’s perfect for a cozy fall wedding and also one of my personal favorites. 

What modern shifts are you seeing from the traditional white fondant cake? One of the biggest shifts is away from a tiered cake. We do about 50/50 of a tiered cake for cutting and guests, and then a small cake for cutting and cupcakes, pies or treats for guests. Another interesting shift is toward the fake cake! The fake cake looks like a large tiered cake, but is actually just one real tier, and the rest is cardboard. In the back, we have sheet cake cut to serve. This is a great option for the budget-conscious bride, as it’s easier for the bakers and decorators to prepare the fake cake and sheet cake ahead of time. 

What is the cake selection process like working with your team? Cake tastings/design process is typically pretty simple. Couples schedule an appointment to come in. Our tastings are $25 and include 4 cupcakes from that days case to try and then we sit down and go over design and flavors. They are given a quote before leaving and as long as they book within 30 days of their tasting the $25 goes back towards their final balance. This process is made way easier when a Bride knows what she wants as far as design. I typically suggest that they bring in any pictures they have found for inspiration, and we go based off of what they like. 

What’s your favorite thing about working in the wedding industry? My favorite thing is getting to meet all the different couples and vendors. I particularly love seeing some of the venues – there are tons of places I would have no idea existed until I delivered a cake there. 

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