Meet Nicole, our July Bride of the Month! She and her fiance, Kyle, are getting married in September 2016 in Milton, Georgia!

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How did he propose? One day last fall, Kyle and I went to the Roswell Mill and hiked up to the waterfall. On the hike up, Kyle was very talkative and a lady waved very enthusiastically as she passed by us. Thankfully, Kyle’s best friend Landon was already at the top kicking out all the visitors, saying “Everyone leave! My best friend’s about to propose to his girlfriend!” (which explains why that lady was so excited to see us). 

When we got to the ledge in front of the waterfall, Kyle asked me if I remembered the last time we came there, when I had pointed out that the ledge would be a beautiful place for a proposal. He then got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife, where he claims I said nothing and just cried! But considering I’ve been planning since that day, I think it was a yes!

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What has been the most difficult and most fun parts of your wedding planning process? The most fun parts have been bridal showers, food tasting, trying on dresses and getting closer with Kyle’s family. The most difficult parts have been hearing so many opinions, trying to pick dates for the bachelorette party and showers and seeing the final bill–yikes! But it’s so worth it!

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Congratulations Nicole and Kyle! We can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

All photos in this post courtesy of Tiffany Loera, Wedding + Senior Photographer

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