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We’re seeing drones pop up everywhere, and the wedding industry is no exception! Photographers are taking advantage of the new trend as a way to take breathtaking aerial footage of wedding ceremonies, receptions and engagement shoots. We talked to some Atlanta-based photographers and videographers to get the scoop on how they use drones for their wedding shots!


Michele Mabie of Everything Lovely Photography said, “Using a drone provides a beautiful, aerial and cinematic viewpoint, as well as a great perspective of the overall wedding day. Most guests are amazed by it, and the drone becomes a celebrity!” 


Photographers only use the drones in appropriate areas, abide by all guidelines and ensure that safety is the top priority. Drones are registered with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). To minimize distractions, most photographers don’t shoot with drones too much during the actual ceremony. The wedding processional, however, is another story.

“Prior to the bride and groom walking down the aisle after the ceremony, we will have cued the guests to look up and wave. This is a great bonus and surprise for the couple when they receive their images!” Mabie said. 


Justin Wojtczak of 375 Photography said, “Clients are freaking out! We’re able to create an experience that lasts beyond the wedding day.”  

Wojtczak has been photographing with drones for a year now, but says the key is simply to practice and communicate with the bride and groom. “I like to tell them exactly what shot I am getting so they are aware of the noise it creates.” He also recommends a reveal shot of the venue for setting the scene and opening your wedding video (see video below).


Lethal Rhythms now offers the “Lethal Drone” as part of their wedding videography services. CEO, seasoned planner and professional mix DJ Joel Rabe understands the importance of getting the right shots, using the right equipment and capturing all the memories!

“It’s important to have a knowledgeable pilot aware of the limitations of the devices he’s working,” he said. “Most clients don’t know what to expect, but when they see the footage they are blown away!”

375 Photography has been shooting weddings since 2004. They are always looking to try new ways to capture the day and create an experience that the bride and groom will never forget! 

Everything Lovely Photography is an Atlanta fine art, portrait and wedding photographer. A visual storyteller who gets inspiration from nature, art and fashion! 

Lethal Rhythms has been providing its clients with some of the best DJs in Atlanta since 2003. Book them for music & entertainment, photobooths and videography!