No doubt you’ve seen the emotional, cinematic wedding videos all over social media, on your favorite wedding blogs, and even on television. Is it worth shelling out some extra money to have a wedding video to look back on? 

We think it absolutely is. Here are 6 reasons why. 

1. You will want to look back on your entire wedding in later years

Photos are great, but they offer stylized snapshots, not the full experience. You worked hard on every detail of your wedding, and a wedding video will be the best way to relive that bliss years on down the line. 

2. You want to avoid one of the top 5 regrets brides have from their big days

It’s true! When BRIDES Magazine interviewed real brides, many of them said they regretted not having someone there to properly document the day.


3. You’re eloping, marrying abroad, or simply having a small wedding

If you’re having a destination wedding, eloping, or even if you’re just keeping the guest list to only your nearest and dearest, it’s important to make sure that family and friends who can’t make it still have a way to experience your wedding and celebrate it with you. Whether you hold a large reception at home and show it there or just send your friends a link to the video, you’ll be glad you had a way to include them.

4. You want to incorporate your history told in your own voice through voiceover

Forget how giddy it will make you to hear your partner gush to the videographer about how excited he is to marry you, though it is fantastic. Video offers something that photos alone can’t: sound. To hear your story in your own voice will be such a treat for those who watch it, including you and your spouse-to-be.

5. You’re on a budget

Wait, what? ADD a vendor if you’re on a budget? Yep, that’s right. Videographers don’t have to be expensive. Many offer photography as well and package deals could save you a ton. Or you could hire your videographer and then whittle down your guest list (see point 3 for the wonders of that wedding hack). 

6. You’re worried your photographs won’t capture everything

Photographers are trained to document the best, most intimate details, but what happens when the wind is so strong that your veil is only out of the way at the same time the photographer’s being blown over? What about when you’re spinning out on the dance floor, gazing lovingly at your new spouse, but you’re moving too fast for your photographer? Don’t worry, you hired a videographer, and all of those moments can be hand selected and pulled as stills from the video.

See the importance for yourself with our fabulous show video from Southern Potrait and Video that brings every moment to life: 

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