Best show I’ve been to all year. It felt less like a convention and more like an intimate setting of quality vendors with creative ideas.

This was a great event. I will definitely attend the next one and recommend it to prospective brides and friends.

The show was amazing. So much to see and everything a bride/groom needs was at the Extravaganza.

This was the most upscale bridal show I have attended yet. I really enjoyed the setups from all the vendors. It helps to get an idea what they do.

It was a great Bridal Show and we had so much fun! All the vendors were so nice and so many offered ideas or suggestions on venues, photographers, etc which was great for us since we are in the beginning stages of planning.

How do we compare to other shows you have attended?

The food vendors don’t show up like they do for the the Bridal Extravaganza and this is where we can really determine who we want to become our food vendor for our wedding.This so important to most of us. We were all standing around talking about how impressed we were with the food vendors showing up and having wonderful samples.

The amount and quality of vendors at your location is much better than any other show I’ve been to.

More of everything. More food and cake to taste. More options overall to choose from.

Great venue! Everyone made my daughter (the bride) feel so very special….we attended a bridal show a couple of months ago and it was so compacted that we were driven like cattle throughout the whole venue….this was very pleasantly laid out and comfortable….

This was the best bridal show that I have ever attended.

What did you like best about the show?

I loved the entire event but I would say my absolute favorite were the flower arrangements. It is amazing the art that can be created with floral arrangements. The food sampling was great also.

There were some good photographers and the cakes were beautiful. Also had excellent samples of wedding cakes and caterers… I ate too much! Everything!

All the giveaways and the HUGE list of vendors!

The table displays and fashion show were great!

Every aspect was great…but….the fashion show was soooo WONDERFUL !!!! We even found the vests the groom was looking for.

I thought that the fashion show and music entertainer was great. I enjoyed that you featured a “local” designer which added a unique spin than the other shows I’ve attended with the large bridal houses only on the runway

The table displays were awesome. It was nice to be able to get good ideas.

Would you recommend the show to other brides?

Yes, because I found an amazing photographer!

Yes! I had no idea what I wanted in planning a wedding but have good ideas and a place to start

Yes, it was a nice event overall and one of the better Bridal Shows I’ve attended…all are not created equal.

Yes, because it is exciting and to see the trends and get great deals

I already have!!!! I brought two with me:)

Yes! Especially theVIP package. This was totally worth the price of admission. From the express entry to the lounge to the great goodie bag!
Yes; it was well worth the time in terms of great samples (even of the violinist), very informative, and well orchestrated.

Of course. It is a one stop “shop” for anyone interested in organizing any type of event. Surely it saves a lot of brides time and phone calls. You girls out did yourself!
Yes, it is a first class affair with a large number of vendors to make choices.

Absolutely. Quality bridal show

Yes and I have already done so. It was bigger and better and less expensive than other shows.

Yes, can’t wait to tell my future brides to come to your next event.

Yes I loved the atmosphere it was great and lots of things to pick from

Yes, the amount of vendors made it worth the visit. I received a LOT of information that I was grateful for and everyone was lovely to work with!

Other Comments

The Bridal Extravaganza was almost as exciting as a real wedding and just as beautiful!

Good show, great food and some awesome vendors.