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December Bride of the Month: Victoria

Meet Victoria, our December Bride of the Month. Victoria and Lew’s engagement session by Viridian Images was as fun and adorable as this couple.

Read on for a look behind the love story. 

Tell us about your love story. My fiance and I met when we were 16. My best friend told me I had to meet this guy because he was perfect for me. We eventually met up a few months later and he was perfect for me! We have been dating ever since.

On July 6, 2017, Lew and I went out for a nice date night in Flowery Branch, his hometown. When we got to the restaurant, our hostess directed us outside while our table was being prepared. We walked outside to grab a seat, I dusted off a chair to sit down, and when I turned around, Lew was down on one knee! I have no idea what he said because I was just ready to say YES! He had a photographer to capture the special moment and a video prepared from all of our friends and family for me to watch. In the video, each of our family members and friends congratulated us and detailed how our relationship had impacted their lives. After dinner, we went back to Lew’s parents home where our families greeted us and had an engagement party the next day. 

What does your wedding vision look like? We want the atmosphere of our wedding to be soft and romantic. We want our guests to feel comfortable and know just how much we appreciate them being there for us on our special day. With Christ as the center of our relationship, it was important to us have our ceremony in a church. After, we’ll go to The Chair Factory for a reception where our soft and romantic theme will continue.  

Which wedding details are you most excited about? There are so many details about our wedding that I am excited to see come to life. I am very excited about our venue, The Chair Factory. It’s a historic building, but a new venue with exposed brick and wood beams. I’m also excited about a memorial tribute to our family members who are no longer here with us. With heaven so far away, we will have a special memorial outside of our ceremony with pictures and flowers to make them a part of our day.

What has been the most challenging and the best part of wedding planning? The most challenging part of wedding planning has been all of the decisions! We want it to be a special day, and there are so many small details we’ve thought about. Ultimately, we have learned it’s about the marriage, not the wedding, so it makes the details more fun when you look at the big picture and remember you are getting to marry your best friend!

Congrats to this sweet couple!
Photos: Viridian Images
Viridian Images is a husband and wife photography team based in Atlanta. Georgia.  With an artistic background, their style has a strong documentary approach. They are always seeking those sincere moments when subjects are camera unaware but photographed from a distinctly artistic perspective.

November Bride of the Month | Brittany

Our November bride of the month has a modern-day prince charming love story with a love that grew through social media. 

Read more about Brittany and Matt’s sweet story below.  

When and where are you getting married? We are getting married on November 4, 2017, at a Lewallen Farms. 

How did you meet? Matt and I met in the summer of 1999 at Lost Mountain Baptist Church. He was in high school and I was in middle school. Matt played guitar in the church band and thought of himself as a “rock star,” and I wanted nothing to do with him. Many of my friends thought of him as the “heartthrob” of our youth group. I was too busy with school work, cheerleading and was in an awkward teenage phase in my life. We both attended youth functions and socialized as friendly acquaintances. After he graduated high school we lost touch and went our separate ways.

Facebook helped us reconnect later. Matt’s name came across my mutual friends and I sent him a friend request. Within 12 hours, Matt messaged me and this is where the next stage of our relationship began. His opening line was, “Brittany you look amazing”. I sat back and thought for a second about the astronomical odds that Matt Sims, after all these years, would be single and interested in me. After talking all night, Matt asked if I would like to go out for dinner. We met up at Henrys Louisiana Grill and talked the night away. I was so impressed with the man that Matt had become. I was becoming captivated by his hypnotizing blue eyes, infectious smile and big heart. The next morning, I was walking on Cloud 9 and all kinds of emotions went through my mind. He sent me a text message and asked me out on a date. I was trying to not seem too excited or eager and I couldn’t send the word “Yes” back fast enough. For our first official date, we went ice skating in Centennial Park. He was a perfect gentleman and made it a special night that I will never forget. Needless to say, yes, Matt is my Prince Charming and we ended our night with a kiss, beginning our love story.

How did he propose? Matt and I had just gotten back from a zip lining trip in Tennessee and he had been acting a bit strange. He asked if I wanted to go to dinner at Henry’s Louisiana Grill and go for a walk before dinner. Even though I was upset that he was acting abnormal, I agreed and began getting ready for our date.  After dinner, we walked toward the pier and he slowly began to tell me how much he loved me and bent down on one knee. The proposal was a blur! I began to tear up and excitedly said “YES”. I jumped into his arms and he began spinning me around. So excited, he almost dropped the ring into the lake! Then, I began to hear cheering and clapping. Matt had organized my family and some close friends to witness the proposal. Not only were my family and friends there, but Matt had hired photographers to capture this magical moment.

What is your overall vision for your wedding? Our vision is a shabby chic southern wedding that is classy, rustic, and filled with love from our family and friends. We hope our guests will feel the whole Sweet Home Alabama/Steel Magnolia experience and two-step the night away.

Which wedding details are you most excited about and why? We are both excited to have all of our family and friends be a part of our big day. I’m personally excited to have Matt see me in my wedding dress!

What has been the most difficult and most fun part of wedding planning? The most difficult part of planning for the wedding was choosing the perfect caterer. We wanted our guests to enjoy and experience southern hospitality without having fried chicken and baked beans. Southern Grace was able to provide us with a classy southern cuisine. The most fun part of the wedding planning was taking dance classes together. We were able to cut loose, kick off our Sunday shoes and enjoy time together.

Congratulations to this special couple!

Photos by Janet Howard Studio. Janet is an Atlanta wedding and portrait photographer. Always ready to capture laughter, tears, joy and love, Janet has an editorial approach to both weddings and portraits.  

October Bride of the Month | Tia

Meet Tia, our October bride of the month! Tia and her groom bleed for their alma mater, so they did their engagement shoot with Made You Look Photo in their best college tees to pay homage to how they met. 

Read more about their engagement and wedding story. 

When and where are you getting married? We are getting married on October 14, 2017, at a gorgeous intown spot – MGM (Millennium Gate Museum), which is the arch in the center of Atlantic Station/17th street. It looks like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, France and was an architecture design contender for the Eisenhower Memorial.

How did you meet and how did he propose? We both love our ungrads, and our friends introduced us at homecoming one year.  He proposed on top of a mountain, inside cloud nine 🙂 We were surrounded by candlelight, family, and friends and the balcony had a sign that said, “Will You Marry Me?” 

What is your overall vision for your wedding? Our theme is chic rustic to blend with the outdoor ceremony and reception that we will have at the venue with elevated attire to complement the evening event. Most importantly though, we want our guests to have a blast and party it up!

Which wedding details are you most excited about and why? Looking at everyone’s enjoyment and excitement and of course, I’m very excited about tying the knot with my groom! We have a lot of fun food surprises for our guest so that will be fun to watch unfold on the big day.

What has been the most difficult and most fun part of wedding planning? Logistics and Logistics. But, we have an awesome event coordinator, Robyne Gordon at Carrie Belle Events, to help us with all of it.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Made You Look Photo The Made You Look Photography team consists of award-winning, professional wedding photographers and expert graphic artists/image editors. The team is committed to capturing exceptional high-quality wedding images that uniquely captures those once-in-a-lifetime moments.


August Bride of the Month | Tosin

Meet Tosin, our August Bride of the Month! Tosin and her fiance Segun are getting married at the beautiful Southern Exchange at 200 Peachtree with TWO weddings to honor their cultural traditions. Read more about this couple’s amazing story! 

How did you meet? Segun first introduced himself to me on Facebook. We talked for a few months and he eventually crawled his way out of the friend zone and we agreed to meet in New York. We met at JFK and the rest is history. We had an amazing weekend and fell in love. 

How did he propose? The Atlanta Botanical Gardens has always been special to us. When I was living in California, I visited Segun and we went there on a date. It was a special day and made me fall in love with Atlanta, I moved here shortly after. New Year’s Eve of last year,  Segun arranged for us to go to Garden Lights with family and friends. To my knowledge, we were just going to admire the beautiful lights, but he had other plans. We found ourselves alone in the gardens and he started talking about the last time we had visited and the promises we made to each other. He then opened the door to a wall of flowers where our family and friends were (plus more family on FaceTime), and he asked me to marry him. I said YES!

What is your overall vision for your wedding? I want my wedding to be timeless, beautiful and influenced by culture. We are Nigerian, from the Yoruba tribe, so will be having a traditional wedding on Friday while the regular ceremony and reception will be on Saturday. The traditional Yoruba wedding involves kinsmen from the bride and groom. The groom will make an entrance with his friends and family to ask for his bride from the bride’s family. After the family members have accepted, the bride is ushered in and they start a ceremony of marriage. Ultimately, I hope my guests leave the entire wedding weekend feeling the love between Segun and me.

Which wedding details are you most excited about and why? I am most excited about walking down the aisle with my brother and seeing old friends and family. 

What has been the most difficult and most fun part of wedding planning? The most difficult part of planning has been the level of detail that goes into planning a two-day wedding – while working and going to school full time.  The most fun thing about planning a wedding has been having a partner I can laugh with so I don’t sweat the small stuff!

Congrats, Tosin and Segun! We can’t wait to see the wedding photos. 

Engagement photos courtesy of Inije Photography

Casting Engaged Couples for USA Network Wedding Show

The USA Network is looking for great couples nationwide who are currently engaged and want to throw their dream wedding. Each episode of “Don’t Tell the Bride” focuses on one couple’s big day and what it took to make the wedding happen. The groom gets $20,000 to plan the entire wedding without the bride’s input. Have no fear; each groom ultimately creates a unique wedding to celebrate his true love!

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Wedding Proposal Wednesday – An NBA Star’s Dream Proposal on Video

NBA Superstar Amar'e Stoudemire proposes to fiancee Alexis in Paris





NBA and New York Knicks superstar, Amar’e Stoudemire, pulls off a dream wedding proposal to fiancee, Alexis, in Paris.

If you could script your dream proposal, what would it look like? Where would it be? Describe your dream proposal in the comments section below.

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5 tips on How to Select the Perfect Wedding DJ

Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta- Atlanta Georgia Bridal Show - Beabride - Select the best wedding DJ - DJ Slone - Slone ProductionsSelecting the right DJ for your wedding is a major decision.  It is equally as important as selecting your venue, your dress or your menu.  Therefore, it requires the same amount of careful planning and due diligence.  Most couples, however, have never hired a professional DJ for a life changing and momentous occasion such as a wedding.  Here are 5 key things to consider when choosing a DJ for your wedding.

1. Is DJ’ing a hobby or a profession for your potential DJ?

Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta- Atlanta Georgia Bridal Show - Beabride - Select the best wedding DJ - DJ Slone - Slone ProductionsWhile technology has made it easier for music enthusiasts (including you or someone close to the family) to become a DJ, being a professional DJ involves more than knowing how to press the play button to start a song.  Professional DJ’ing is an art form that requires years of practice, perfecting, and staying current on industry trends. Make sure your DJ is not just a weekend warrior and is fully insured.  A true professional DJ is a master emcee and is involved in the planning process of your big day to ensure it exceeds your expectations.

2. Not all DJ’s are equal and price is not the great equalizer.

Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta- Atlanta Georgia Bridal Show - Beabride - Select the best wedding DJ - DJ Slone - Slone ProductionsHiring a DJ can be compared to buying a meal.  You spend as little as $5 dollars for a combo meal at a fast food place to as much as $100+ for fine dining.  The primary difference in cost is customer service, dining experience and quality of the food and beverages.  Similarly with selecting a DJ, you can probably find one that is rock bottom cheap or highly expensive.  Your selection should be based on the quality of the experience you envision.  This is one of the most important days of your life.  Make sure you budget appropriately.   A few might remember the food at the reception 10 years from now, but everyone will remember if they had a great time partying at your reception.

3. Know what type of DJ you want!

Your DJ is one of the most integral parts of your wedding.  It is very important that you know what type of DJ you want.  Do you want a DJ who sits in the background and is barely noticeable?  Or do you want a full fledge entertainer that sings, puts on a stage show and takes over your wedding.   Or do you want something in between.  You also need to know what type of personality your DJ has and the chemistry you have together.  Your reception will be a lot more fun if you have good chemistry with your DJ.

4. Know the musical tastes of your DJ. 

Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta- Atlanta Georgia Bridal Show - Beabride - Select the best wedding DJ - DJ Slone - Slone ProductionsMake sure your DJ knows the type of music you and your guests like and what will get them on the dance floor.  Not all DJs can be all things to all crowds which is understandable, but the professional you hire should be able to identify with you and the musical taste of your guests.  You should feel comfortable knowing that your DJ has the ear of the crowd and get people engaged and on the floor regardless of age and genre of music.

5. Expect nothing less than exceptional customer service.

Customer service and quality should be one of the top criterions for selecting your DJ.  A great DJ should make you feel as if your wedding was his or her very own wedding.  Additionally, your DJ should be able to clearly explain the details of the services they provide, the equipment they use, and offer suggestions that you may not know to ask.   All of these things should reflect in the testimonies from previous clients.  The number of years in business and lots of clients do not necessarily mean exceptional customer service.

Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta- Atlanta Georgia Bridal Show - Beabride - Select the best wedding DJ - DJ Slone - Slone ProductionsThis article was written by Staley Smith, owner of Slone Productions.  Staley Smith is a professional DJ and Emcee and expert sound and lighting technician.  Slone Productions offers brides in the Southeast Region the Best in DJ services, lighting, wedding planning and video services.  Slone Productions has the Perfect DJ to make your event PERFECT!

Click here to find us in the Be A Bride directory!

Staley Smith





Eventbrite - Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta - August 19, 2012

Savvy Save The Dates

For today’s bride, there are many different options for the perfect save the date! It is the first impression you make to your loved ones, so you want it to be fitting of your wedding and yourselves!  Here we will list the ten best save the date ideas and hopefully you will gain some creativity and inspiration from this!

  1. Shabby Chic is all the rage; flair up your save the dates with a little bunting detail.
  2. Create a banner for your wedding guest to keep!
    via Martha Stewart Weddings
  3. Matchbox save the date; for the perfect match!
    via Martha Stewart Weddings
  4. To have and to hold, and to keep your drink … from ruining the table?
    Coaster save the dates!
    via Dick and Jane Letter Press
  5. Tickets please! Send your guests a VIP ticket to your very special day!
    via Letter Box Ink on Etsy
  6. Balloons, balloons and more balloons! Have your guest blow up a surprise!
    via Martha Stewart Weddings
  7. Since photo booths are super popular; send your guest your special reel!
  8. How much fun is this? Magic glasses reveal the secret date!
    via Ruffled
  9. Interactive save the date; puzzle piece it together!
    via Get Married
  10. Could ya pencil us in? This is precious.
    via Super Market HQ
  11. And I had to swing in a bonus one, of course!
    From one of our favorite Atlanta wedding pros; Button It Up, A flip-book!
    via Martha Stewart Weddings

Just got engaged…Now what?

If you were just proposed to or know it’s coming soon, this is the post for you. After he pops the question you are on top of the world, but please take a moment to stop and think. Your first thought is probably that you want everyone to know, and how quick that could happen in one simple status update? But before you jump into posting it all over the World Wide Web and start planning, here are the crucial next steps…

1. Call all your relatives (even the ones you are not that close with) and your closest friends. The LAST place you want them finding out is on the internet. Not only will they feel that pain of not feeling important enough to hear it from you, they will also find out at the exact same time as everyone else and that is just cruel.

2.)    Get a manicure. Not only will everyone be asking to see the ring, but you know you will be posting hundreds of pictures. The last thing you want is for being to be distracted by your chipping nail polish. Get a crisp, clean look so that the focus becomes that magnificent ring.3. Now that everyone important knows and the nails are taken care of, make sure that the ring fits perfectly. Getting it sized only takes a few hours and it is very important so that it’s not sliding all over, or worse, falling off.

4. Insure the ring. Many people in the excitement forget this key value. I know nothing can replace the sentimental value, but what if something does happen to it? This is an easy step. You may have to have it appraised first, but call your insurance broker and he will walk you through the simple steps.

5.)    Now that the ring is taken care of… Set “the date”, this does not have to be the exact wedding date but somewhere in the ballpark because right after everyone hears the news, then sees the ring, this is the next question on their mind. It will also help later in the planning process.6. Budget it out. This may not be the final value of your wedding, but again you need a range to follow, especially if parents or someone else is paying for the wedding. It is important to figure that out to avoid headaches down the road.

7. Do your research and ponder what exact type of wedding you want. You need a thought in your head even if you plan a wedding so that it is your wedding, and not a creation of someone else’s thoughts.

8. Step 8 is only if you plan on losing weight for the wedding. If you are, pick a diet plan and most importantly START it. This is a step that cannot be done weeks before the wedding but honestly probably takes the most time to shape your body into the body you want walking down the aisle.

9. Now it’s time for the perfect wedding planner. Even if you do not want a planner throughout the entire planning process, one on the day of is almost always necessary. This allows not only you, but everyone else to enjoy the day to its fullest and leaves the worries to someone else.

10. Lastly, find a venue. Venues book up fast, especially for the “it” months. If you did your research, you’ll be able to find the perfect one.

After this, breathe. Go on some dates with your husband-to-be and have some fun. The dress, cake, and everything else will come in time and your perfect day is more than in the works after these key and easy 10 steps.