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12 Looks We Love from Bridal Fashion Week

Looks We Love

Though we’re always sad to see it end, Bridal Fashion Week never fails to leave us with plenty of trends and styles to keep us swooning (and Pinning!) until the next season. We picked our favorite looks from the runways to share with you. Enjoy:

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Say I Do at the Margaret Mitchell House

Say I Do 2.0 from Keurig at the beautiful Margaret Mitchell House

Win a wedding ceremony on 12/13/14! Enter your video for a chance to win here!

Just think…Your wedding ceremony could be on the front porch of this picturesque Midtown historic site which includes manicured lawns surrounded by trees and urban landscape including five intimate parlor rooms and covered porches; plus Commercial Row, a historic retail building featuring large windows and an open loft feel.

Margaret Mitchell House Collage

4 Say I Do Facts

  1. You’re on a private lawn among the trees in the middle of high rises of Midtown
  2. It’s where Margaret Mitchell penned her best-selling novel, Gone With The Wind, which became a film classic
  3. You can see the actual door of Tara that was used in the movie
  4. It was a roadblock location for the Amazing Race in July of 2011

Want more information on how to book your wedding at the Margaret Mitchell House?


Contact:  Khadijah Correa

Atlanta History Center  |  Margaret Mitchell House


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Wet Weather Wedding Tips

Even though it’s supposed to be good luck, a rainy wedding day is not what most brides hope for. In fact, many brides will go into full meltdown mode at the sight of a gloomy forecast leading up to their wedding day. Just because your picture-perfect day didn’t initially involve umbrellas and galoshes doesn’t mean that it can’t still be the wedding of your dreams.

We got together with Candice Gurr of Signature Weddings by Candice to help ease your mind if you’re planning your wedding and you’ve got rain on the brain. Whether it’s a little drizzle or a downright downpour, we’ve got tips to prepare you for wet wedding weather:

  • Think Twice – If you are considering an outdoor element to your wedding day, be sure you’ve thought everything through. Obviously, there is no way to control Mother Nature, so be very mindful about how you would handle inclement weather. If you are an easy-going, flexible, spontaneous person, then carry on. If you tend to get flustered easily or your first instinct is panic when things don’t go according to plan, then you may want to consider more dependable indoor venue options.
  • Back It Up – For an experienced wedding planner, this tip is not optional. Candice insists to “always have a backup plan!” Even if your backup plan is to continue with the original plan in the rain, at least it’s a plan that you have decided on. If you need something more tangible, tents are a bride’s best back up plan. If you are having an outdoor wedding, you should (at the very least) have a rental company on standby. Many companies will allow you to reserve rentals and make the final call close to your wedding date. Even if you have everything planned indoors, you could still benefit from small tents lining walkways or in front of entrances.
  • Trust the Pros – Chances are, this isn’t your planner’s/cake baker’s/photographer’s/caterer’s/makeup artist’s first rainy wedding day. Professional, experienced wedding vendors know what to do in these situations, so let them do their job. Candice says, “You hired them for their expertise, so listen to them and enjoy your day.” PS – Your photographer is secretly pumped about the weather because overcast skies make for the best photo lighting!
  • Buy the Basics – Be prepared with the necessities: towels, umbrellas (golf umbrellas in particular are nice and big), rain boots and makeup primer. Based on experience, Candice suggests white bed sheets “to wrap around the bride and maids when moving to transportation and different locations around the venue. They help to keep spots off the dresses.” If you’re not sure that you’ll even need these emergency supplies, get them anyway. Better safe than sorry! Just hold on to receipts – you can always return stuff that you don’t end up using afterward.
  • Dismiss Panic, Maintain Perspective – It may be easier said than done, but just relax. It’s your wedding day, people you love are there to celebrate with you and you’re making a commitment to the love of your life. Worrying or being upset definitely won’t make the rain go away. Don’t let rain put a damper on an all-around wonderful day!
  • Be Superstitious – If you’re having a hard time staying positive about the weather, Candice recommends focusing on comforting superstitions and beliefs: “Hindus believe wedding day rain to be good fortune as a wet knot is harder to untie than a dry one, symbolizing your marriage’s strength. Another interpretation is that you and your husband know how to work well together under pressure!”
  • Embrace It! – You know you have seen the photos of brides and grooms in the rain on Pinterest and you’ve coveted their romantic, spontaneous shots. This is your chance! Even if you wait until the very end of the night when you have all of your dry and demure photos out of the way, get out in the rain! Dance in it, sing in it, reenact the famous scene from The Notebook… Whatever you do, enjoy it with your new husband and get great photos that will make other brides envious of your rainy day luck!

Now that you are prepared, admit it… you are secretly hoping for a passing shower or two on your wedding day, even if it is just for the photos! Bring on the rain!

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Award Winners at the Bridal Extravaganza, August 2014

Atlanta’s best wedding vendors pull out all the stops at the Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta to show brides their talent and creativity. We asked our brides to pick their favorites from all of the decoration inspiration and creative designs. Here are the award winners from the August 2014 bridal show:

Best Design Gallery: Paris on Ponce with Chuck Milne Productions, Chair Covers & Linens, Collection Event Rentals, Lyght House Cocktails and T.evenire Stationery Boutique

Paris on Ponce

Best Booth: Geri Sims’ Atlanta Wedding Decor

Geri Sims

Bride’s Choice: Keurig with Legendary Events and Collection Event Rentals


Congratulations to our award winners and all of our Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta vendors for a fabulous show! For more photos from all of our exhibitors, check out our photo galleries and Pinterest boards.

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Bride of the Month: Samantha

Meet Samantha – our Bride of the Month for October! She and her fiancé, Brandon, are getting married in December 2014 here in their home towns of Atlanta with the ceremony and reception at the Defoor Centre.

Samantha C

How did he propose?

We were on a couple’s trip with our closest friends when he proposed. As we walked along Myrtle Beach looking at the stars, he popped the question while holding my very own “North Star” in his hand. Of course, I said “Yes!” The story can be a bit longer than this, but I’ll keep it short for now! 

What has been the most fun and the most difficult part of the wedding planning process?

The most fun part of the wedding planning process is honestly having discussions and making decisions with my fiancé. To see him so lovingly engaged and interested in this process lets me know that he’s just as happy and excited to marry me as I am him. We’ve shared a lot of laughs in the process while trying to set the perfect tone for our big day that will really display our loving and humorous personalities. The most difficult part of the wedding planning process is something I think every bride has a hard time with: the guest list! We are paying out-of-pocket for our entire wedding, so it’s been very difficult (and sometimes hurtful) to keep our guest list down. If I could invite everyone I’ve ever had a friendship with, I would!


Congratulations, Samantha and Brandon!

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Say “I Do” to a New Brew

Keurig had a fabulous Lounge area at the Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta on August 17th! Brides, grooms and wedding pros all loved the delicious drinks brewed by the Keurig team!


Looking for the perfect addition to your wedding gift registry? A new Keurig coffee brewer may just be what you’re searching for. With so many varieties, you can brew your favorite cup and he can brew his.  Couples can register for their ideal brewing system based on their home décor, available counter space and personal preferences, plus new fun colors!  After all, a couple that brews together stays together!


The Elite Brewing System brews a perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage in under one minute at the touch of a button. Now available in Black, Rhubarb, Patriot Blue and Coconut White, you and your partner can choose a stylish brewing system liven up your countertop and mornings! And with more than 250 different beverage options, Keurig offers so much more than regular and decaf.

Learn more about the Keurig Elite brewer here:

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Merci Beaucoup from the Bridal Bazaar at Paris on Ponce!

Merci beaucoup from the Bridal Bazaar at Paris on Ponce! It was quite an evening and just as fun, vintage, eclectic, unique, fanciful, offbeat and alternative as promised! From the eccentric entertainment and mouth-watering menu to the delectable desserts and custom cocktails, everyone enjoyed themselves at this wonderful – albeit wacky – wedding event!

Bridal Bazaar 1

All photos by Cindy and Sharon, Same Sex Wedding Photographers

Guests were treated to tasty Keurig beverages and invited to browse through the many galleries of Paris on Ponce while meeting the wedding professionals exhibiting throughout the shop. There was plenty to see, including beautiful design tables by Chuck Milne Productions with Chair Covers & LinensLuminari Candles and We Rent Atlanta displayed around each corner. There was even more to do and taste as other vendors offered samples of their particular talents. Brides and industry pros enjoyed sipping cocktails from Lyght House Cocktails, taking photos with Robot Booth and trying the various flavors of cotton candy from Cotton Cravings as well as the donuts by Sinful Sweets Catering (which we are still craving days later…). Juice It Atlanta provided yummy smoothies and Confetti displayed their gorgeous stationery designs.

Inside the Le Maison Rouge, the Paris on Ponce event space, guests enjoyed inventive for d’oeuvres from Three Sisters Catering and more sweet treats from Bake, Rattle & Roll as well as Paris on Ponce regular, King of Pops. For the evening’s entertainment, everyone was wowed by Chad Sanborn “Modern Magic…Classic Style,” Thimblerig Circus and Burlesque by Pamela as Mixed Events kept the drinks flowing. The entire event was perfectly captured by Cindy and Sharon, Same Sex Wedding Photographers.

Bridal Bazaar 2

All photos by Cindy and Sharon, Same Sex Wedding Photographers

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From Paris To Paris


What could possibly be better than getting engaged in Paris? How about getting engaged in Paris and then winning a honeymoon to Paris? Just weeks after saying “oui” to her fiancé’s proposal in front of the Eiffel Tower, bride Mimi attended the Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta and won the big honeymoon giveaway from Paris on Ponce! Talk about “lucky in love!”

Meet Mimi and Tony, the couple from Atlanta who will bookend their engagement in the City of Love!


The pair traveled to Paris for a week-long summer vacation. On June 29, Tony popped the question in one of the most picturesque locations in the world. “We were on a guided tour, but we had just finished lunch on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower and were down below taking pictures in front. In order to get a picture of the entire tower, you have to get down on your knees. I was posing for one last picture when he got down on one knee – like we all had been doing for the past 10 minutes or so – but this time, he brought out a little black box. I was so stunned that I couldn’t hear or move. He had to tell me to take the box, open the box, then he took it from me and opened it and said for the second time, ‘Mimi, will you marry me?’”


Mimi and Tony on their trip to Paris

On the heels of their engagement less than two months later, Mimi attended the Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta to plan her upcoming wedding. After a great day of cakes tastings, fashion shows and meeting dozens of Atlanta’s best wedding professionals, it was announced that Mimi had won the grand prize from Paris On Ponce – a honeymoon to Paris! Read more ›

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Paris on Ponce Bridal Bazaar

Paris on Ponce is feeling romantic! Ooh-La-La! Join us for an exclusive, fun, vintage, eclectic, unique, fanciful, offbeat and alternative Bridal Bazaar as only they can do it!

paris on ponce collage 2

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014 6:00-9:00

Le Maison Rouge/Paris on Ponce
716 Ponce de Leon Place NE
Georgia 30306

Tickets- $15.00 in advance/ $20.00 Evening of Show.

Eventbrite - Paris on Ponce & Pop Marche' Bridal Bazaar

Entry is limited. Fun! Food! Drinks!

Thank you in advance to our sponsors:
Paris on Ponce
Bake Rattle & Roll
Chad Sanborn
Chair Covers & Linens
Chuck Milne Productions
Cindy and Sharon Same Sex Wedding Photographers
Cotton Cravings
Juice It Atlanta
Lyght House Cocktails
Luminari Candles
Mixed Events
Thimblerig Circus
Three Sisters Catering
Sinful Sweets Catering

Check out their Facebook page for updates.

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The Perfect Blend for Your Wedding Celebration

If you attended the Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta on August 17, then you know how much everyone loves Keurig Brewing Systems! Brides couldn’t get enough of the delicious hot lattes, refreshing teas and iced coffees in the Keurig Lounge.


Have you considered adding Keurig to your wedding events? A Keurig could make a great addition to a DIY coffee bar at a wedding or a bridal shower.  Whether guests are more of a Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend lover or a Café Escapes Chai Latte fan, everyone will want to #JustBrewIt at your wedding celebration!

The Keurig Elite brewer brews a cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa or iced beverage in under one minute at the touch of a button.  Now available in Black, Rhubarb, Patriot Blue and Coconut White, you’re sure to find a Keurig to fit in with your décor!

Keurig 2

To find your favorite beverage, visit to see the wide variety of Keurig Brewed coffees, teas, hot cocoas, iced beverages and more.

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