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Vendor Spotlight: Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique

Celebrating 12 years of bridal bliss – Wedding Angels Bridal Boutique has dressed over 10,000 beautiful brides! Nestled in the heart of historic Roswell, Wedding Angels has created an intimate, boutique setting that allows us to work one on one with brides and provide distinctive and personalized customer service.  Experience true Southern hospitality as our warm and friendly consultants guide you through the process of creating your perfect wedding day vision- it all starts with the dress!

Haley 6

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12 Wedding Day Photos with Mom

There’s no one quite like your mom. Through ups and downs, she’s always been there for you, and this is especially true on your wedding day. Who else is going to excitedly volunteer to secure 100 tiny buttons on your dress and hug you way too long as you’re trying to leave the reception in your getaway vehicle? Your mom, that’s who!

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re sharing some of our favorite wedding day moments featuring moms:

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Bride of the Month: Lori

Meet Lori – our Bride of the Month! She and her fiancé, OJ, are getting married in May 2015 at Pristine Chapel Lakeside in Jonesboro, GA.

Lori H

How did he propose?
I met OJ Flowers in college years ago. We were good friends and then we lost touch with each other. Years later, we found each other on Facebook. We went on a date and courted for a year. His last name is Flowers and I remember on our 3rd date, I told him that I loved flowers. He responded and said “What if I gave you ‘Flowers for Life?'”

He proposed Aug 2, 2014 at a radio station event I work (Praise in the Park) in front of ten thousand people. I was working the event (I am the marketing director for several radio stations) and this event is a huge one we put on every year. He arranged to have my family and his family there. I was called to the stage urgently – I thought there was a problem. When I got on stage, I thought I was getting an award. Next thing I know, I hear my fiancé’s voice. He proposed right there on stage. I was shocked. (See the proposal here)

What has been the most fun and the most difficult part of the wedding planning process?
The most fun part has been selecting my dress. Also, picking out the décor and theme of the wedding,. My theme is “Garden Glam.” The hard part has been the guest list. Ugh. I wish I could invite everyone, but I can’t. My limit is 200.

Congratulations, Lori & OJ!

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Top Trends of Bridal Fashion Week


In New York City this past weekend, wedding dress designers from around the world debuted their Spring 2016 collections at Bridal Fashion Week. We’ve been scouring over all of the new looks and sorting through styles from industry leaders like Amsale, Reem Acra and Vera Wang. Check out the wedding dress trends that captured our attention: Read more ›

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Meet The Pros: Lindsey of Epperly Travel

Epperly TravelMeet Lindsey Epperly of Epperly Travel!

How long have you been working in the business/wedding industry?
5 years

Where are you originally from?
Columbus, GA

Married or single?

If single, what do you want your wedding to be like?
Being in the travel business, I’m a huge fan of destination weddings – some of our partner properties have the most stunning areas, like the cloisters at the One&Only Ocean Club in the Bahamas, or the palm-tree laced backdrop of the St. Regis Punta Mita.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
I’m a big reader and writer – I enjoy spending time writing travel-related pieces for my blog or freelancing for magazines.

Favorite place in Atlanta for dinner?
246 tops my list after I recently enjoyed the chef’s tasting experience – Andrew Isabella can whip up a dish that easily rivals Michelin starred restaurants I’ve been to during my travels.

Favorite place to vacation?
South Africa has been my all time favorite destination – it makes for a very cool honeymoon, too! Travelers who want to a very unique spot will not be disappointed in the combination of wildlife, relaxation, and culture that you can find here – it’s truly out of this world.

Favorite social media outlet?
Instagram! I’m having a lot of fun with the Epperly Travel account going through my old travel photos and showing clients how to #getawayfromhere

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Design Details: Crème de le Chic Events

Anchored by Pantone’s Color of the Year, Crème de le Chic Events brought elegant edge to their lavish designs at the Bridal Extravaganza of Atlanta. Designers, Victoria and Laura, share their inspiration:

Creme Inspiration

For the Keurig area, we wanted to offer a dramatic showcase of the Keurig machines that blend seamlessly into our design. We arranged two seating areas within the lounge to incorporate and showcase furniture rentals. We incorporated black and white furniture with an assortment of accent pillows throughout to carry the Old Hollywood theme and Keurig branding into the lounge.

The Keurig area also showcased our Crème de le Chic estate table. The estate table featured a dramatic set up of mirror, gold, black and white with pops of the new Pantone Marsala color and a subtle touch of spring time blue. The landscape for the table coordinated with the stage area, setting the tone for a formal, spring time evening dinner event. Above the estate table hung a crystal chandelier with white ostrich feathers lining the top. The reflection of the crystal chandelier on the estate table enhanced the “glam” factor with the existing arrangements on the table.

Creme de le Chic 2

Creme de le Chic 5

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24 Bachelorette Party Ideas

The bachelorette party is a highlight of the exciting engagement season for many brides. It’s a great time to cut loose, blow off planning stress and make lovely/hysterical/embarrassing memories with your besties. While many automatically associate bach parties with strippers, booze and phallic paraphernalia, today’s bachelorette has so many more options! Check out our 24 ideas fun things to do for your bachelorette bash:


1. Weekend Getaway – whether it’s the beach, lake, mountains or whatever you prefer, just get outta town!


2. Perfume Party – schedule an appointment with a pro to create a signature scent to wear on your wedding day

3. Scavenger Hunt

4. Shop for Bridesmaids’ Wedding Accessories – take your girls out to pick out the earrings/shoes/etc that they’ll wear on the wedding day

5. Mixology Class – learn to make cocktails like a pro with a class taught by a pro!

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Bride of the Week: Danielle

Meet Danielle – our Bride of the Week! She and her fiancé, Will, are getting married in April 2015 at the The Reserve at Oak Bowery in Lafayette, AL.

Danielle M

How did he propose?

Will and I were on a trip to Stone Mountain, GA for his birthday. His mom had given me a wrapped gift for him to open that weekend. Will drove us to a secluded spot in the woods next to a beautiful lake and we parked our fold up chairs and the gift to enjoy the scene and celebrate his birthday. Will then told me the gift was for me and I opened it to find a gorgeous jewelry box that he had engraved with “The Middleton’s”. I looked up to find him on one knee where he asked me to marry him!

What has been the most fun and the most difficult part of the wedding planning process?

The most fun part of the wedding planning so far has been meeting with vendors, trying on dresses, and spending time with family and friends talking about plans! The most difficult part will be taking all the thousands of ideas in my head and making them a reality!

Congratulations, Danielle and Will!

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7 Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding Day


Who is your best friend? My best friend is named Lorenzo. He is a great listener, absolutely loves my cooking even when I forget three ingredients and kind of burn it, and is never in a bad mood. The other day I asked him what he thought about being in my wedding party someday. He didn’t say anything. At first I was kind of insulted, but then I realized that if I was a black and tan Corgi I would not be caught dead in a charcoal gray suit either. I mean, that would like totally clash. So once we nixed the groomsmen idea (because I am not budging on the gray suits), we sat down and brainstormed some ideas together that were a little more appealing to Lorenzo. For all you out there with fashion forward furry best friends, here is what we came up with: Read more ›

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Bride of the Week: LaTonia

Meet LaTonia – our Bride of the Week! She and her fiancé, Robert, are getting married in March 2015 at the 850 Building in Forest Park, GA.

LaTonia D

How did he propose?
He had the ring hidden behind the pillow in his bedroom and brought me in to tell me how much I meant to him and how much he loved me. He pulled the box from behind the pillow (which I had been sitting on, but didn’t know there was a ring hidden under) and got down on one knee to ask, “Would you marry me?” It was very private, personal and special.

What has been the most fun and the most difficult part of the wedding planning process?
The most fun part of the wedding planning process is the fact that we chose not to have a wedding planner, but to plan the wedding ourselves. That way we get to create what we want, how we want. Most grooms just do “men things” (i.e. shop for tux, bachelor party, etc.) but my fiancé is “hands in.” He has even helped to pick out the flower girl dresses, which are so cute! The most difficult part of the wedding process would also have to be planning it ourselves. Trying to tackle everything on our lists by March can be a challenge, especially with transitioning into a new job, moving and other obligations. But it will all come together and we are going to make it happen for a beautiful wedding day!

Congratulations, LaTonia and Robert!

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