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Soaking up the details of Pippa’s wedding

Photo via UK Getty Images

The world’s most famous bridesmaid, Pippa Middleton, made for an absolutely breathtaking bride this past weekend. We’re rounding up our favorite details from the most talked about wedding this year.

Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage

Gown: The best place to start, of course. Pippa wore a bespoke Giles Deacon gown. While OTS lace is having a major moment stateside, this high neck lace number really has us swooning. The cap sleeves and thick lace that opens in the back balances out the full coverage bodice for the epitome of elegance.

Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage

Accessories: Pippa’s hair was swept back under a tiara handmade for her by Robinson Pelham. Her hair showed off dangling earrings which were her “something old.” She previously wore the earrings to her sister’s infamous wedding.

Photo by Samir Hussein/WireImage

Wedding Party: Pippa’s “wedding party” consisted of page boys (including Prince George) and one very darling bridesmaid, Princess Charlotte. The Duchess of Cambridge was on hand to help with Pippa’s train before she went down the aisle. The children looked picture-perfect in white and khaki, and Kate looked flawless in a blush Alexander McQueen dress.

Photo via Splash News

Flowers: Blush and white blooms filled the church crawling down pillars and hanging over every archway to create a beautiful garden effect.

Photo by @ifefestasespeciais

Invitations: Our invitation must have gotten lost in the mail, but we did catch a glimpse of the simple invite from beauty expert Clemence von Mueffling’s Instagram post. While it was an undeniably lavish event, we love the tasteful simplicity in this stark white invitation with a touch of watercolor greenery.

Photo via Getty Images

Honeymoon: Middleton and Matthews will start their life as newlyweds on a lavish honeymoon that includes a stay at the Pacific Island of Tetiaroa, followed by UK Scottish Highlands. Sounds like a perfect mix of relaxation and luxury.

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

From the Expert: Wedding Gown Shopping

The magic and wonder of finding the perfect wedding gown plays out in magazines, books, down the runway, through your Pinterest feed, and some very addicting TV shows. But, what does a bride really need to know about shopping for a wedding gown?

Our expert today is Bride Beautiful owner Jennifer Rovansek and she is weighing in on wedding gown shopping.

First, how far in advance of the wedding should a bride start shopping for dresses? I recommend brides begin shopping six to 12 months in advance of the wedding to make sure there are no ordering limitations to getting the perfect dress. This ensures that there is plenty of buffer with the three to six month typical order period.

OK, the appointment is made. Then what? If a bride hasn’t already, it’s time to get ideas! Brides should use every resource available to see what type of gown they are drawn to. Inspiration pics can be really helpful for us in an appointment so we understand a mood a bride is going for and can point them in the right direction.

We’ve all seen the TV shows, who should a bride bring along to the appointment? An entourage can be challenging if you have a lot of conflicting opinions, but bringing in a couple or a handful of trustworthy friends or family can help a bride through making the big decision on the dress. We find that 4 guests is usually the most to accommodate, and recommend no children so that the focus stays on the bride at all times! With fittings, accessory appointments and bridesmaid dresses, there are plenty of opportunities to bring the bridal party or other family members along for the fun.

What about the things a bride should bring to an appointment? A bride should bring a strapless bra, a pair of heels, and any shapewear she might want to try on with gowns. We also recommend having hair and makeup done for appointments. While it doesn’t need to be anything fancy, it will help create that wedding day vision to know when the perfect dress has been found.

What’s your favorite thing about Bride Beautiful? Our staff and our brides! We are a laid back store because our stylists know the industry so well and can help our brides feel at ease. But we also have fun! We really try to listen to our brides to understand their vision and then we have fun with them as we find the perfect dress that makes them feel special for their big day. Wedding gown shopping should never be stressful, and we stand by that!

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Tips for Perfectly Mix-Matched Bridesmaid Dresses


The mix-matched bridesmaid trend shows no signs of slowing down, and we don’t want it to. It makes for gorgeous photos and it gives your girls a chance to have a say in what they are going to wear – every bridesmaid’s dream!

So, how do you pull off this mix-matched style like one of the dreamy photos on Pinterest? Start with your vision and then coordinate with your girls. Here are some tips to do just that.

Pick your look

First, pick your colors.  Do you want all your girls in the same color but different style, or envision them in shades of blue or shades of tan? Prefer a mix of neutrals like blush, grey and beige, or want something bolder like an array of jewel tones? Color will be the most unifying or contrasting element of this look, so give it some thought and decide how each option works with your wedding vision.

Once you land on your color palette, move to your style to keep things balanced. Look at inspiration pics and decide if you like soft flowing fabrics, embellishments, or modern silhouettes. Then find a balance with your colors. If you have your girls in the same shade, add depth with a mix of beading or even muted floral prints. If you’re going bold with color, consider simpler silhouettes or matching fabrics.

Coordinate with your bridesmaids

After you’ve landed on the perfect style vision for your girls, it’s time to coordinate with them! This is where your vision becomes reality, so try to keep it simple, and always make it fun.

If you like the look of mix-matched but the thought of everyone showing up wearing dresses that don’t match terrifies you, then go simple and play stylist for your girls. Create a Pinterest board and pin as many dresses as you can find that fit your vision (and are available in your girls’ sizes at appropriate price points), and let everyone shop from your board. This makes it easy for your girls to shop, and ensures that you love every single dress they pick.

If you’re somewhere in the middle of wanting to give your girls a little shopping freedom, and wanting to pick everything out yourself, host an online shopping night! Invite your girls over for a night complete with bevvies, snacks, and laptops for online shopping. Create a vision board to serve as your fashion night decor, and let everyone hit the internet to find the perfect dress.

If having everyone together in one room isn’t possible, get creative with some happy shipments to your girls to share your vision. Send each of your girls a little mini bubbly and fabric swatches to shop on their own. If you’re doing multiple colors, send each of your girls a different swatch to make sure you get variety.

No matter what colors or style you choose, or how you coordinate with your bridesmaids, remember that they all just want to look great so your day will be perfect. The mix-matched trend makes for pretty photos, but don’t forget the day will be made perfect by all the girls you’ve chosen to be a part of the day, not just the dresses they are wearing 🙂

To shop bridesmaids dresses, check out some of our favorite shops in Atlanta:

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4 Wedding Planning Tips You Need to Know

We love weddings around here (obvi), so we know you are inundated with tips from every girlfriend that’s ever gotten married, your family, your future in-laws, and probably your hairdresser and manicurist, too. So, we’ve culled all the tips down to a list of our top 4. These tips are super practical and “why didn’t I think of that?” tips for a fun season of wedding planning.

1. Make a list of your must-haves and nice-to-haves before you book or buy a single thing.

It’s easy (and fun) to get caught up in every single detail for your wedding – flowers, invitations, place cards, candle votives, calligraphy, shoes, hair accessories, and at least 100 other pretty little things in between. But, time and money can be tight so you shouldn’t feel like everyone expects you to have all of those things or that you’re missing out by not having every single one.

Before you get started planning, dream up your list of “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves.” Have you always dreamt of having hanging flowers at the altar and you can’t imagine any other time in your life you’d ever have them? Put it on the must-have list. Do you think the hand calligraphed envelopes are gorgeous but not sure your guests will appreciate? Put it on the nice-to-have list. As you start to plan and make your decisions with vendors, refer back to this list. It will help you make decisions faster and easier by reminding you what you really care about.

2. Google Docs should be your BFF.

Make a master spreadsheet document to hold your budget, guest list and vendor comparisons to share with all of the VIPs in your wedding planning process. Having a collaborative document for the guest list and seating chart will save you countless hours of back and forth with your parents and in-laws to make sure you have the right address for Aunt Fran, and that Cousin Bill isn’t sitting next to Cousin Joe after what happened at the Thanksgiving dinner table last year.

You can create spreadsheets, word documents or work off a blank canvas with Google Slides to get everyone on the same page with your perfect wedding vision and plan.

3. If you’re not using a planner, you simply must have a Day-Of Coordinator. 

While all of the beautiful things you’ve picked out will wow your guests and make your wedding one of a kind, events are made perfect by behind the scenes logistics. A Day-Of Coordinator will ensure that everything runs smoothly and that you don’t have to spend a single moment worrying about if the band arrived, a guest finds their seat, or if someone parks where the getaway car is supposed to pick you up.

Having a set person in charge with a full picture of the night is the difference between losing track of time and realizing the band is on their last song while you’re mingling with your coworkers sitting at a table, and having a coordinator give you a 20 minute heads up that the night will end soon and make sure you’re on the dance floor to enjoy the last bit of the party. And trust us, your vendors and wedding party will thank you for having a coordinator too.

4. Include some alone time for you and your new spouse on the wedding day timeline.

Having all of your favorite people in one place celebrating you means you and your new hubby will be doing a lot mingling. While you’ll definitely have time together on the dance floor, you’ll be surprised how hard it is to find alone time together if you don’t account for it in the timeline. It can be just 15 minutes between the ceremony and reception after the photographer has taken pictures, but it’s a chance to just be together and soak in the excitement (and maybe have your caterer bring you some hors d’oeuvres to snack on if you aren’t having a sit down dinner!).

You’ll want to remember every single thing about your wedding day, and this alone time will be a chance for you two to reminisce on the day so far and gear up for the night ahead to help you do just that.